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a A is for app. Software that runs on a phone.

b B is for build. A test version of an app.

c C is for content. The stuff you read in an app like Flipboard.

d D is for design. Figuring out an app in advance.

e E is for em. Used for italics, dashes and units.

f F is for flow. The path you take through an app.

g G is for grid. An invisible aid to layout.

h H is for hamburger. A controversial UI icon.

i I is for intuitive. An app that's easy to use.

j J is for jpeg. An image format, but png is the one for apps.

k K is for kerning. The spacing between letters.

l L is for layout. The arrangement of elements in an app.

m M is for mobile. The kind of apps I design.

n N is for nachos. Good for a snack late at night.

o O is for operating. What the "O" stands for in iOS.

p P is for product manager. Every app needs a good one.

q Q is for query. Fancy term for a search term.

r R is for rgb. Red, green, blue.

s S is for sans serif. A typeface without little feet.

t T is for transition. How an app moves from view to view.

u U is for URL scheme. Shortcuts to stuff deep inside an app.

v V is for view. The app equivalent of a web page.

w W is for web view. How you display websites inside an app.

x X is for Xcode. The software for coding iOS apps.

y Y is for yes. Yes, I want an app designed.

z Z is for zebra. OK - I couldn't think of anything.

creative jam

i design apps and other stuff.

but i've been so busy designing my clients' apps, that i haven't had a chance to toot my own horn.

so, while i'm putting together examples of my work, i hope this app designer's alphabet will be  some fun.

btw: if you want to get a project started right away, send an email or phone 403.256.2750.

p.s. pick your favorite jam.

  • strawberry
  • marmalade
  • grape
  • raspberry
  • kiwi
  • blueberry
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